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 J. John Sebastian Esq., Criminal Defense Lawyer

 The Law Office of J. John Sebastian is a full service criminal defense firm committed to aggressively advocating for the rights and interests of our clients. Based in Buffalo, the office is proud to serve the Greater Buffalo Area and all of the surrounding Western NY  counties.


J. John Sebastian is a native of New York State . He was born and raised in the NYC metro area.  After graduating from law school and passing the NY  Bar Exam, J. John Sebastian gained valuable criminal law experience by serving as an Assistant District Attorney.   He prosecuted thousands of cases in felony and misdemeanor courts.  He litigated cases in some of the busiest courts in the State of New York.

 J. John Sebastian fights for the rights of his clients with intensity, dedication and persistence, using the insider knowledge he gained as an Assistant DA to win the best outcome in all of his cases.


Sebastian Law Firm

J. Sebastian, Esq.

70 Niagara Street

Buffalo, New York 14202


Dear Mr. Sebastian,


I write this letter to thank you for handling my legal matters with the highest degree of professionalism and success.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

As an attorney from out-of-state, I did not immediately know which law firm I would engage to handle my case involving the New York authorities, and I am so very thankful that I was referred to your firm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Not only did you resolve my case successfully, but you maintained ongoing communication with me and gave me the benefit of knowing that I was in good hands. Your professional handling of my case, coupled with your outstanding ability to resolve the matter most favorably is greatly appreciated.                                                                                

Please know that I hold your firm in the highest regard, and you should be considered a shining example of how a law firm is supposed to represent their clients.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Thank you again for representing me, and for reassuring me that there are great lawyers out there willing to help.

Name Confidential
Attorney at Law

John represented me in court for a felony charge. He had an excellent understanding of the charges as well as court process, which immediately gave me peace of mind...someone who knows what they are doing.

The fee he charged was more than fair. One main thing was that John was very compassionate and understanding of my situation, which made the annoying court process slightly easier for me to go through.

The outcome of the case was exactly what I was looking for. It couldn't have turned out any better. John dodged a huge bullet for me and got a felony charge off my record, case is sealed, and now nothing is on my record. I would definitely recommend John's services to anyone who is facing charges in court. 

Name Confidential
SUNY Buffalo Student



Great Lawyer Reasonable Fee...

The police raided my house based on some false information and tried to give me a B Misdemeanor. John got it knocked down to a small fine. He's easy to work with, and is willing to work with people that don't necessarily have a big budget. He resolved my problem for a reasonable fee . Thank you John, if i ever find my self in need of a lawyer again you will definitely be the one that represents me.


I have a son that goes to SUNY Buffalo and was careless with his driving and received two speeding tickets within the matter weeks this last month. My son who previously had a clean driving record would have been hit with expensive fines by the city of buffalo(DMV) as well as points on license.


The other big negative would have been the Insurance premium increase if he was found guilty of speeding. I contacted John  who was able to fight these speeding tickets in court and got them lowered to a non-moving violations. John's communication was excellent and I am extremely happy with his results.


 Hopefully I will not need to use his services again any time soon, but if the need does arise John. would be the first person I would call.


Name Confidential

Long Island


I was driving back from Niagara falls to home. Was in high way, and was doing 70mph.It was 55mph zone, there was no sign indicating it. Drove less than 2miles. Officer gave me a speeding ticket. I was really upset and entire day was bad. Later I was so confused and concerned about my fine and implications out of the ticket. I called John, he consoled me not to worry about anything, and told me he would minize the speeding ticket to parking ticket. He did it. IT was a great relief and help for me. Thank you John!

By on

J John Sebastian was the man to go to.

I would go back to John if I ever had any future issues. Very down to earth, nice guy that I felt I could trust. I really like what he did for me and would recommend him to all my friends. Thanks a lot John your the man!


 Got speeding ticket? Contact John!

a nys trooper clocked me at 73mph on the 290,i contacted john and he said he will reduce it to a non-moving violation and he did.if it wasn't for him,i would've paid couple hundred for the fine and also my insurance would've skyrocketed.i thank john for his hard work and recommend him to all the people i know.P.S he works out a payment plan with you which is a big plus!



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